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Periodontal Treatments (Gum Disease Treatment) – Toledo, OH

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About Periodontal Treatments

Periodontal (gum) disease is an irritation of the gum tissue, which can cause serious problems, including infection or tooth loss if it is not detected and promptly treated. The three progressions of gum disease are gingivitis (first stage), periodontitis (second stage), and advanced periodontitis (final stage). During each patient's annual dental exams at DentalWorks - Secor Square in Toledo, OH, our dentists will check for gum disease, but common indications include red, swollen gums; bleeding while brushing and flossing; receded or separated gums; and persistent bad breath. Depending on the level of gum disease when it is detected, our dentists at DentalWorks - Secor Square can perform surgical or nonsurgical treatment procedures: scaling and root planing, antibiotics, gum surgery, gum tissue grafting, and tooth extraction.

What to Expect

Periodontal disease can vary between mild to severe and our dentists will decide on a treatment to fit the patient's level. One of the most common and easiest gum treatments offered is scaling and root planing (SRP), which is a nonsurgical deep cleaning of the plaque and tartar in the gum pockets. Our dentists may add on a course of antibiotics with the scaling and root planing treatment to decrease inflammation if the condition is more advanced. For the third stage of periodontal disease, our dentists will need to chose a surgical service: laser gum surgery, regenerative procedures, and pocket reduction.

Treatment Aftercare

As soon as the gums are restored from the patient's periodontal service, it is important that the patient maintain a good oral care routine at home to stop another case of periodontal disease. Patients should talk to our dentists about a home routine, including proper brushing, flossing, and other treatments our dentists recommend. Patients should also remember to schedule appointments at DentalWorks - Secor Square at least twice every year for a regular cleaning and at least once a year for an examination with our dentists.

Insurance Coverage

Generally, dental insurance companies will cover periodontal services for gum disease, although the amount of coverage may differ based on the patient's policy. At some point in the patient's consultation, our dentists can go over out-of-pocket costs, payment methods, and offered financing plans.

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Gum Treatments

Gum disease can develop into bigger health issues, so if you begin to notice symptoms (i.e. bleeding, red, or inflamed gums) please contact DentalWorks - Secor Square in Toledo, OH immediately to schedule a consultation with our dentists. DentalWorks - Secor Square will use our experience and knowledge to diagnose and solve your oral health condition.

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